We offer a wide range of courses that meet all of your mandatory requirements and can ensure that your staff are safe, competent and proactive. This could be first aid, manual handling, fire safety or training more bespoke to your needs such as COSHH, Personal Safety or specific chemicals; i.e. we have delivered Hydroflouric Acid Awareness & Chlorine Safety training etc.

We are pleased to announce that we have now started delivering courses in assisting your workforce in the critical area of mental health, so we offer Stress Awareness, Mental Health First Aiders, Mental Health for Managers – bringing this key part of performance management into the 21st century to give managers and colleagues alike the confidence to talk, disclose and manage this previously stigmatised subject within the workplace.

And another new initiative is Inspire will be delivering training to allow organisations to establish key individuals & teams to manage dynamic, potentially harmful & critical incidents, using tried & trusted techniques gleaned from military, emergency services & critical infrastructure organisations & with personnel with a vast pool of knowledge & experience in dealing with & training for critical incidents.